Educational & Facilitation Packages

Do you want to use your ropes course as a learning and development tool but aren't sure where to start?

Ropes courses have been around for a long time with the original focus being on a person’s physical rather than intellectual development. Over the years this focus changed and the emphasis moved towards using courses as a learning and development tool.

It's well known within the industry that although there is a perceived risk by the user(s), they are in fact, in a safe and controlled environment. Research has shown that when people experience this type of risk, great personal achievements and changes can happen - changes that can last a lifetime.

Vertex, through its educational packages (KS2 -4) enables operators to engage with schools by developing sessions for your ropes course which have defined learning outcomes aligned with the national curriculum. Sessions have been designed to cover specific learning outcomes for individual subjects as well as cross-curricula. Outcomes include improvement in self-efficacy, self-awareness, trust and teamwork.

Don't take our word for it - here's what our customers say!

 I have received the most amazing feedback and I have a team who feel inspired to change attitudes/behaviours and develop people to ensure they reach their own personal goal during the delivery.
- Gill O’Hare, Sport Development Manager
 I would just like to say how amazing and inspirational the course has been over the past couple of days. They asked us at the end of the course to write some feedback on what we thought of it, I don't feel like I properly put down how much it has inspired me, Kerry n Phil were absolutely amazing and they are probably two of the most fantastic people I've met. I don't know who got us on the course but thank you

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