PPE Inspector's Course - Which is the Right One for Me?

We were recently asked our views on a PPE Inspector's course that a customer had seen. We usually say to clients that it’s probably more cost effective in the long run, to put your own staff on a PPE Inspection Course, rather than get an external inspector in to carry out the appropriate checks and inspections.

Why is this?

Your staff are working with your PPE equipment on a daily basis and know the stuff inside out, they are checking it on a daily basis and can spot things quickly and easily. By qualifying one of your own team as a PPE Inspector you are keeping this knowledge and competency in-house and can make use of their knowledge on a daily basis. So the next question is.....

Which PPE Course is right for you?

Well that all depends on whether you’re just after a bit of paper (the certificate) or to learn, be better informed and gain a high degree of understanding and competency. Finding the balance that is right for you is the question that you need to ask yourself.

We’ve now seen 4 courses here in the UK all providing similar certification – and no doubt there are others. They all run over different time scales 1 day, 2 day, 3 day and 4 day but as far as we are aware the ONLY one that is RoSPA approved and specifically tailored for the Adventure Activities sector is run by Lyon Equipment.

A number of our own trainers have attended the Lyon Equipment course, and they are all competent and experienced outdoor people, with decades of experience between them. Every single one of them found the course informative and of a high quality.

Having attended various height safety training courses in the past our advice is to study the syllabuses and consider which one has the right balance for you.