Niko Rail - Safety Warning Notice

Niko Rail - Arial Runway (Person Riding Lines) Systems Safety Warning Notice

Please read this safety warning notice from Niko PDF Version

We (Niko) have recently had to replace some severely worn track and bends (considered to be in an extremely dangerous condition) on an Arial Runway System that had been visually inspected on a regular basis.

It is clear that a simple measurement of the track bottom flange thickness is not detecting the severe wear that can occur in the bottom internal corners of the profile, particularly on the radius sections.

Therefore we are recommending that internal wear is assessed either by a mandatory internal inspection, using light and cameras: or alternatively the removal and thorough internal inspection of each track section. It is clear this wear and potential hazard is not being detected with simple visual inspection or measurement from beneath the track.

If neither of these methods have been carried out on recent Thorough Examinations we recommend without delay this type of inspection is undertaken on all existing systems.